Daphne’s Legging Loft

Ah, here we go again…

another company? is she serious? what is wrong with her?

Honestly, YES! Another Company!! Did I leave Buskins? NO! I’m simply adding to the inventory I have to offer.

Legging Loft, like Buskins carries leggings that have a 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex blend…making both #peachskinsoft!

Legging Loft is BRAND NEW! Launching tomorrow…the “Brand Ambassadors” are limited, and for the time being, enrollment is closed.

Legging Loft offers 2 very distinct lines to their leggings…

“Basic” has an elastic band. Priced from $14 for Keiki to $30 for Mommy and Me Combos. The Basic line has a similar flavor to Buskins.

“Custom” features yoga bands. Priced from $18 for Keiki to $40 for Mommy and Me Combos. Customs are unique to Legging Loft.

Both lines are available in One Size and Tall and Curvy.

Legging Loft is so NEW, that there’s still a few kinks that need to be worked out. Our website, for example…may not always be a “live link”. Meaning the link itself will only be open for short spurts at a time. As a Brand Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to purchase wholesale items, and it’s during these times that I’ll post those for live buys…check my On-Hand Stock Albums for availability. When the link is LIVE, shipping is FREE to the US. Purchases from my on-hand stock, will have shipping charges.

I’m EXCITED to be a part of the start of a Company! To see the intricacies in building from the start, the stuff no one really knows about. And I’m Especially Excited to be able to offer a full range of Leggings!!

Please Be Safe! Love The Life You Live and Always #PrayItINPrayItout17626320_1946730648946807_2581399160791054294_n

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