My Thoughts on 40…

Like most, 40 seemed so far away. A place that was for “ole folks”, an age I’d see later, like MUCH LATER!!

And, here I am…staring it down…looking forward to the next couple weeks as it “approaches” and I am ready to HIGH FIVE that Action! Bring it 40! I TOTALLY GOT THIS!!

I suppose I’ve always been one of those strange people viewing certain ages as a mark of passage. A defining moment in one’s “Life Story”. Looking back I anticipated 16, as an eager youth ready to “rule the roads” with a Driver’s License. Then at 18, I would finally have a Vote in our political process. At 21, a drink at the bar, and 25, meant I no longer had to pay extra for things like car rentals or insurance.

Ah 25, now that was a True Landmark age! I was a New Wife and Mother, I finally made a Family. I worked fulltime, while breastfeeding, cooking and Living a truly beautiful life. I considered my self Grown, I had car payments, doctor appointments and the full calendar to prove it. Plus, I had another baby on the way! Life was AWESOME!

The 30’s were a little rocky…filled with a plethora of Peaks and Valleys, Blessings and Burdens, Joys and Pains. I was still reeling from being an “orphan”, having lost my Mom in 2006. I became a widow and single Mom…though I had no idea how to do it. I inherited a multitude of responsibilities from my only anchor in this world, when my Aunty passed. And I was Completely LOST!

Life has a wonderful way of humbling one’s ass!?!

Today, I look forward to a New Decade of Landmarks…

I’m living in Las Vegas, something my 20 year old self would have said…”Impossible!”

I’m happily married, something my 36 year old self would have said…”Never!”

I’m active in my ward, something my 17 year old self would have said…”No Way!”

I’m growing a business, something my 22 year old self would have said…”You Can’t!”

It’s taken me a long time! To heal and to come in to ME…and I am So Thankful to know, like really KNOW…that I CAN, there is A WAY, to Always TRY, because I am POSSIBLE!

In this defining moment of My Life Story, my heart is full. and I say, “Hello 40!”16999004_1272994346088459_3669526371014127536_nr




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