Daphne’s Buskins

What are Buskins?

Buskins are Legendary Leggings. An Affiliate Company based out of California. When I first started with Buskins, in October 2016, we had 14,000 affiliates…today, we are 20,000 and GROWING!

Here’s a Fun Fact: The name Buskins is pronounced, “Boooo-Skins”.

Why Buskins?

Yes, it’s true that there are a TON of Leggings Companies! As a Buskins Affiliate, I save 25% off EVERY Pair. I also make 25% commission on Every Sale. But, the BIGGEST reason is NO INVENTORY! While, I carry a small selection for community events…ALL of my sales are made online. Buskins has a Great website, they maintain it, and post new stock as the designs become available…I simply share my link, Daphne.MyBuskins.com

How do I Buskins?

Social Media, is my tool of choice! On Facebook, I have a Group Page called Daphne’s Buskins. I post 2 legging designs daily (except Sundays) and a fun video from time to time. I offer Birthday Giveaways Every Month and Like/Share Contests. All February long, I’m offering a FREE mesh bag with every order. Instagram(@DaphneViitala) and Twitter(@DaphneMyBuskins) are used as “funnel” sites…while I post daily on both outlets, I invite EVERYONE to see me on FB.

Where is Buskins?

Buskins offers FREE Shipping to the US (yes, the Hawaiian Islands too) and Canada. Buskins are where ever You are. The website is open 24-7. The warehouse is open all week long, and normal turn around time on any order is 3-5 days.

Can I Buskins?

Absolutely!! Buskins offers several ways to Join…

$9.99  1 set of Buskins Bands

$18.99  1 Sample Legging (for One Size. Pluskins, add $1)

$24.99  2 Sample Leggings (size options are available and will change pricing

$46.99  4 Sample Leggings (size options are available and will change pricing)

$99.99  10 Sample Items (3 One Size, 3 Pluskins, 2 Girls, 1 Buskins Bands, and a seasonal item)

All Sample Packages are a Surprise…you can’t choose the designs you get…just the size you want. There’s no monthly quota, no plan to follow…sell what you want with your personal link. We get paid weekly via PayPal, so having an account there will make things more convenient.

I Love Leggings! I mean #iloveleggings! I wear them daily and talk about them ALL the TIME. I work from home, from the car, from the grocery store…all from my phone and at the leisure of being a MOM and WIFE FIRST! I love being able to help other Moms share a Love of Leggings and I Love The Life I Live.

Be Blessed and #prayitinprayitout


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