It’s Aloha Friday

The term Aloha Friday is a Truly Remarkable Phrase!

Growing up on Maui, this phrase meant the school day was ovah…a Saturday at the beach, with meat on the grill, and a fresh, sun-kissed tan was upon us. Aloha Friday marked the end of the work-week…no chores, no problem…it’s ALL GOOD! The weekends were RESERVED for Family, for Laughs, and Good Grinds.

Living in Las Vegas, I find that I have to mark the Friday, remind myself that Friday is HERE! I say, to myself, “Self, Friday is here, be Thankful”.  And I am. I’m grateful for the many Fridays that I’ve spent at the beach, soaking up 90 degrees of pure perfection! I’m grateful for being raised in a loving local community that taught me the value of ALOHA FRIDAY! I am especially grateful For the spirit of ALOHA…

While, Vegas is considered to be the 9th island, it is not quite the same. Here, calling someone that is indeed older than you “Auntie or Uncle”, is not an acceptable means of salutation…”Ma’am and Sir” will do just fine. Neighbors are just that, strangers that you happen to share a community area with. Then there’s a strange thing that happens when you smile at someone new…they’re either very suspicious or delightfully surprised…I do it, just to see which reaction I’ll get. But perhaps, the strangest of all, is parking…here, folks park front in…so when it’s time to leave, it’s a slow reverse with break light on, break light off, break light on, break light off process of stop and go…until they’ve safely negotiated the exit. How has the BLISS of reversing into a parking space FIRST, only to gain a quick escape After not made it’s way here???

It’s Aloha Friday! Be kind to You, to those Around you…Friend or Stranger…Smile at them! Take a moment and be Thankful. Remember Who you are, Where you’re from!

Know, that I’m Grateful For YOU! Love The Life You Live and always #prayitoutprayitinblog



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