Pray It In Pray It Out

My motto, the words I hope to be remembered for, the butter to my biscuits is #prayitinprayitout! The very thought of praying something IN and praying something OUT is vast…and in many ways…completely terrifying.

Are you a being of Faith? Perhaps, spending time in quiet contemplation. Or maybe an avid attendee of a Weekly Service. Is saying grace a habit or a hindrance? When hit with fear, do you fall to your knees in prayer?

Do you Hope? For that big promotion. Or for your creative meal preparation to be adored by those you’ll feed tonight? Maybe you just want, something, anything to be just a little different?

Are you Changing? Your attitude, your perspective, You? Working on some personal revelation that has bought you to a place, that you want to be or never thought you would ever be?

Its in these times that You have the ability, no, the privilege to pray it in or pray it out. You are the one that has the authority to bring things, people, instances in to your Life…and You are the One that can take these things out. No one can do this for you!

I am reminded of a story…

Some time ago, a young widow,  lost the Love of her life. She had their 2 young sons to raise. While her family supported her, as much as they could, she experienced a sadness beyond explanation. Try as she might to be joyful and grateful for the life she had…the joy never seemed to last. She knew she was selfish to want for more than she already had. How blessed she was to have known Love, grown in love, and hold on to it…till the very end.

About a year later, she could take no more. She planned a big move. A move like no other, she was going away. With her sons, a destination unknown, but with a Faith so strong. This move would bring survival.

She was wrought with doubt, apprehension, and inner demons of every shape and design. Who was she to move so far? Why so far? Will a call of distress be answered?

She prayed. Prayed for strength. For guidance. To endure. To grow. To know that her choice was hers and it was right. She held to a faith she had yet to know was inside her…and indeed, she Prays it in and Prays it out EVERYDAY!

Never let your fear become too big!

Never let your goal become too far from reach!

Pray in that which you stand in need of. Pray out that which grips you. And have Faith in You. Be Blessed💜

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